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“Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” – Psalm 51, “And ye shall take a bunch of hyssop, and dip [it] in the blood that [is] in the basin, and strike the lintel and the two side posts with the blood that [is] in the basin; and none of you shall go out at the door of his house until the morning.” -Exodus 12:22, “Then shall the priest command to take for him that is to be cleansed two birds alive [and] clean, and cedar wood, and scarlet, and hyssop:” – Leviticus 14:4. Like many in the mint family, hyssop is a great tea herb. In children, very low doses can cause convulsions. The small purple-blue flowers occasionally appearing in pink or white. It has mildly antibacterial properties. Keep away from radishes. However, in time, this … Hyssop oil really is one of nature’s little miracles. Hyssop Tea is also a grateful drink, well adapted to improve the tone of a feeble stomach, being brewed with the green tops of the herb, which are sometimes boiled in soup to be given for asthma.

The narrow, dark green leaves of hyssop have a minty aroma and a strong, bitter taste that is penetrating and persistent. Alternatively, it can be burned as a fumigant for this purpose, if you prefer.

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Native to southern Europe, hyssop grows freely in the Mediterranean countries, especially the Balkans and Turkey. The oil can also be used in a facial steam treatment – just a couple of drops are needed in the water.

Both healthy skin and healthy hair rely on a properly operating circulatory system.

Hyssop is a favorite of the makers of bitters, digestives and liqueurs (Absinthe, Benedictine and Chartreuse), but many people find it too pungent to use much in cooking. Hyssop tea can be used for poor digestion, for breast and lung problems, to expel worms, and relieve fever sores (fever blisters).

It will return in spring. Hyssop has a long history of use in foods and remedies. The Epicentre is about herbs and spices, the spice trade, cooking with spices, recipes and health benefits of spice. Hyssop flowers should be collected for healing use within a few days of opening on a warm day, early in the morning, just after the dew has dried. It was believe to protect against the plague, and perhaps it did. Hyssop is an excellent treatment for minor skin irritations, cuts and other wounds. Hyssop can be carried or worn to protect from negativity. Garden hyssop, Yssop, Hyssop Herb, Isopo, Ysopo. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. Hyssop is used in essentially the same way as sage, with which it is sometimes combined to make a gargle for sore throats. js.src = "//forms.aweber.com/form/61/50414661.js";

(Small amounts of hyssop used in seasoning foods are considered safe.). We have an online shop for hard-to-find and best-quality spices and blends. It tastes so good with fish that in parts of Panama the leaves are fed to live, stocked fish, which then acquire the flavor of the herb. The dried herb or the fresh are excellent for making teas as is the flower and the leaf. By moistening the leaves and flowers, they can be placed directly on the skin or between layers of cheesecloth to make a poultice. It can be added to protective sachets for this purpose or infused into a liquid and applied to the skin. Because hyssop oil is sudorific, it can help your body perspire, removing the excess salts and toxins. If you cut the flowers that bloom in summer, you (and your honeybees) will be treated to a second round in the fall. As it has a long flowering season, it is a good plant to grow near fruit trees to keep the pollinators nearby between your fruit trees bloom.

Its pointed leaves and purple flowers smell and taste of anise and produce a flavorful tisane.

It does not tolerate excessive moisture.

}(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-d2559b6gz")); Copyright © The Epicentre - Website designed by, Do Men Like Flowers Too? if you click on these links, your activity will be tracked an any resulting purchases will earn the Witchipedia a small percentage of the sale. It can help even out skin tone awhile nourishing and hydrating at the same time. Hyssop in the Kitchen. Its strong volatile oils are effective for indigestion, gas, bloating, and colic. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Infusions can also be used topically, as a wash, on these conditions. The oil is distilled from the leaves and flowers of the plant and delivers a sweet, woody, herbal scent. Related plants anise hyssop is an unrelated plant worth knowing. A strong tea made of the leaves and sweetened with honey is a traditional remedy for nose, throat, and lung afflictions and is sometimes applied externally to bruises. Hight doses of hyssop can cause convulsions in adults. Any astringent will also shrink your pores which helps to ward off pimples and breakouts.

Hyssop is a semi-evergreen, shrubby perennial native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. An online encyclopedia of witchcraft, magick and the occult. The seeds are sown in spring and the seedlings planted out 40-50 cm apart. Hyssop is used for cooking and for aromatic and medicinal purposes. Try using it to sprinkle holy water around your home during your home cleansing ritual. They should be dried quickly, away from bright sunlight in order to preserve their aromatic ingredients and prevent oxidation of other chemicals. Hyssop, an herb in the mint family with cleansing, medicinal, and flavoring properties, was prolific in the Middle East and was used in a variety of ways. The Bible mentions hyssop several times, mostly in the Old Testament.

Only two or three leaves or flowers suffice for an individual serving of green salad. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. It also makes excellent honey: bees are attracted to its beautiful blue flowers. It will add a great deal of interest to a peach cobbler, which might otherwise be sweet and mellow but not much more.

The herb encourages mucous production while, at the same time, stimulates expectoration, making it invaluable in upper respiratory congestions that requires clearing the airway of congested phlegm. If your body is filled with toxins, such as those from a poor diet, smoking, drug use, alcohol ,or environmental exposure, it can’t do a good job of keeping skin and hair healthy. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love hyssop and it lends a nice flavor to honey if grown near a hive. Here Are Some Better Gift Ideas For Him.

Do use hyssop to make a compound butter. What Are The Best Spices To Use In BBQ Rubs? When cool, strain. Fresh leaves of hyssop can be used as a culinary herb. Use hyssop oil to take advantage of its natural astringent properties for clearing the greasiness. The American plant called anise hyssop, Agastache fornieulu, is botanically unrelated to hyssop.

Adding just a couple of drops of hyssop oil to your usual facial cleanser is all it takes to reap the benefits. Other than that, hyssop is not a picky plant and is quite easy to grow in zones 4-9. Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) is a plant that's been used medicinally for centuries, possibly even as far back as Biblical times (it's mentioned in the Old Testament). Another of the many benefits of hyssop is that it helps smooth and soften the skin on your face and body. A member of the mint family, hyssop has been used as a natural healer as an oil and as a herb since ancient times. Simply apply a bit of hyssop oil to the scar on a regular basis and watch it disappear over time. Indeed, its name is derived from the Hebrew word ezob which means holy herb. Oily skin can make it difficult to keep your makeup in place,  and it also increases the chances of developing breakouts.

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