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", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 8. Fab. to C1st A.D.) : Pindar, Olympian Ode 2 str2 (trans. (Hom. But Semele was deceived by Hera into asking her to come to her as he came to Hera during their courtship. 3-5 (trans.

Oldfather) (Greek historian C1st B.C.) 44, Pyth. Zeus was able to change the mind of jealous Hera, to clam and undo the savage threatening resentment which burdened her. Thyone is the name given to Semele after she was brought to Olympus from Hades by her son, Dionysus. After her death, the common account continues, she was led by her son out of the lower world, and carried up to Olympus as Thyone (Pind. ii. 26-27 (trans.


"Not alone has Bacchus [Dionysos] himself or the [Semele] mother of Bacchus attained the skies . Semele, as named by her son Dionysus when he took her from the underworld to Olympus. Harsh words rose to her lips, ‘But what have words ever achieved?’ she said. She was a Theban princess loved by the god Zeus. Pyth.iii. : Pausanias, Description of Greece 3. ", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 5. He had known what she planned, or dimly grasped at it; it was not like her to reveal her thoughts to anyone. Conway) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) It was named in August 2003 after Thyone, better known as Semele, mother of Dionysus in Greek mythology.[6]. ), and was killed by the Titans.

14 (trans. Then rising from her throne she wrapped herself in a bright golden cloud and visited the home of Semele, and kept the cloud till she'd disguised herself as an old woman, with white hair on her forehead, wrinkled skin, bowed back and shaky steps, and speaking too like an old woman. "Kadmos (Cadmus) had as daughters [by Harmonia] Autonoe, Ino, Semele, and Agaue (Agave), and one son Polydoros. 6, 57 ; Schol.

Acccording to Acousilaos (Acusilaus) [Greek mythographer C6th B.C. Zeus's vengeful wife Hera soon found out about the affair when she saw that Semele was pregnant. 1 (trans. 665 ff : Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) : 5. 206 ff : 2 (trans. Sic. Conway) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.)

You have conceived a son who will make mortals forget their troubles,, you shall bring forth joy for gods and men.’", Nonnus, Dionysiaca 8. Campbell, Vol. Hera disguised herself as an old woman and gradually befriended Semele. .

"Kadmos (Cadmus) by high design won sage Harmonia, as his wedded wife, who obeyed the voice of Zeus, and became the mother of Semele famed among men. "Zeus, on the occasion when Semele had been slain by his lightning before the time for bearing the child, took the babe and sewed it up in his thigh. Then Semele fourth of the daughters grew up, the image of the Kharites (Charites, Graces) in her lovestriking looks, preserved for Zeus; although youngest of the sisters, she alone was given by nature the prerogative of unconquerable beauty. She is famously known as the mother of Dionysus, the god of merriment and wine. "And Semele, daughter of Kadmos (Cadmus) was joined with him in love [with Zeus] and bare him a splendid son, joyous Dionysos,--a mortal woman an immortal son.

"Sons of Jove [Zeus] .

99; Diod. She... Danaides In Greek mythology, the fifty daughters of Danaus were know as Danaides. 40), and Hera, stimulated by jealousy, appeared to her in the form of her aged nurse Beroë, and induced her to pray Zeus to visit her in the same splendour and majesty with which he appeared to Hera.

19. 25. § 3; Cic. Ol. The girl, unwittingly, asked of Jove a boon unnamed. Thyone. [bare] Dionysos,-- a mortal woman an immortal son.

Dionysus riding panther, Greek mosaic C2nd B.C., Archaeological Museum of Delos. iv. It is here that they say Semele was brought out of Haides by Dionysos, and that Herakles dragged up the Hound of Haides. ‘I pray it may be Jove,’ she sighed, ‘All these things frighten me. : Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 3. He began to visit her, but he never revealed his true form. When Zeus wife, Hera appeared to Semele in the form of her friend or aged nurse. Happy woman! 24. Hymn. It’s possible that this was Semele incognito (in the same manner that baby Moses was secretly given to his true mother to nurse after his rescue by Pharaoh’s daughter). She spoke exulting even in the sky; but the angry consort [Hera] of Zeus fell heavily in surprise upon the house of Athamas [the foster-father of Dionysos] and scared Ino [his foster-mother] into flight.

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