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When Darkseid's terraformer fell to Earth, Val-Zod saw it as a threat.

For the mainstream Superman, see, Version of the superhero Superman from an alternate reality called Earth-Two, Post Crisis Earth-2 "missing" Superman and wife, 'In 1947's "Superman" #44, written by Bill Finger and penciled by Ira Yarbrough, Superman needed to impersonate a famous stuntman who worried he would be recognized. Later in his life, he would become the father of a son, Ter-El and much become the grandfather of Ter's son, Seg. Imprisoned in suspended animation in tube vessels, they were later freed. Zod offers Val a place in the Science Guild to work for him, although he intends to punish all other rebels, but Val fires back that he will never support Zod's "foul vision". During Man of Steel, we see Jor-El (Russell Crowe) struggling to make the higher ranking members of Krypton’s community notice that the planet is on the brink of collapse.

The rebels quickly turn on Jax and pull guns on her, ceding leadership to Val. However, Krypton takes that rivalry and expands on it, but not in the way you might think. Superman was one of the few exceptions; his stories had been published without interruption since his 1938 debut in Action Comics #1. [14], Power Girl is knocked out and captured by Superboy-Prime after discovering Alexander Luthor Jr.'s tuning fork, which he plans to use to restore the Multiverse in order to search for the perfect Earth. Source, Ter-El (son; deceased)Charys-El (daughter-in-law; deceased)Seg-El (grandson)Jor-El (great-grandson)Dru-Zod (future great-grandson)Kal-El (future great-great-grandson), "The old Council is no more. Kara became a pilot in the Explorer Guild and would eventually crash-land in prehistoric Canada on the planet known as Earth. Writer Dennis O'Neil eventually resolved that there were two Supermen. During hi…

For a moment, Kal-El's cape returned to its original condition. A completely separate Earth-2 Superman was introduced in the new Earth 2 series launched in May 2012 as part of "The New 52" (a reboot of the DC Comics universe). We're stealing it back!" Due to an attack by the Apokoliptian forces, Val-Zod and Batman had to evacuate from the Batcave. [29], Originally,[30] Kal-L was significantly weaker than the Silver Age Superman of Earth-One or the Modern Age Superman; it was later revealed his powers took longer to develop or be discovered. He even searches Nyssa and Jor-El, finding nothing, until he glitches out and reforms as Brainiac; the hologram is dead, and Brainiac now controls the Fortress systems.

[7], Following his apparent death, Seg discovered a hologram of his grandfather after he uses his own blood to activate a console bearing the El sigil inside the Fortress of Solitude.[8]. The ring appears to have given Kal-L's body all the abilities he would have had as a Kryptonian under a yellow sun, as well as the ability to recall certain aspects of his former life. Kem doesn’t avoid Seg because of his family’s reputation and has been at Seg’s side since they were young boys.

Val-Zod and Power Girl combined their abilities to destroy the creatures and rescue everyone. Jax angrily retorts that he is necessary to give the Rebels hope, and that they had been betrayed and sabotaged, in desperate need of the weapon that Val gave away. At some time during the Silver Age, Superman's cousin Kara arrived on Earth after a lengthy journey from Krypton. [42] When Val-Zod landed on Earth, he was taken in by Terry Sloan who offered to protect him from the outside world. [28] However, what exactly happened to Kal-L and other inhabitants of the old Earth-Two in the new timeline is not directly shown. [45] Making their way to Amazonia, Val-Zod is blamed by Batman for not using his powers and letting Red Arrow die. The first being, Jor-El, who in time would father Kal-El. During the next year, Kal-L eventually reveals his secret identity as Superman to the public and works as a journalist to help keep the city's peace. Because of t… The Earth-2 universe's Val-Zod takes over the role of Superman from Kal-El starting in Earth-2 #25 and throughout the Earth-2: World's End mini-series.

Following the conclusion of the Convergence, all parallel universes and alternate timelines are restored and composed as the new multiverse, including the pre-Crisis Earth-Two and thus Kal-L remains in existence as the result. He assigns Kem to the task as leader of a mission to deal with it, telling Adam Strange to ask him if Adam wants to be a part of it. Well, that or he goes missing. Several differences between Kal-L and the better-known Kal-El were introduced. (TGSB)

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