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All this for a man you met over the internet. ', EXCLUSIVE: There's no need of fear or justification: Hrithik Roshan opens up on dealing with personal issues, EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut: Hrithik Roshan labeled me as a gold digger; told his friends I was after his money, Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel REVEALS Hrithik Roshan is trying to put Sunaina Roshan behind the bars, Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan shows her support towards Kangana Ranaut; Read Details, Kangana Ranaut REVEALS about her equation with Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina Roshan; Read on, Kangana Ranaut's sister reveals Hrithik Roshan's sister Sunaina called them asking to apologise; DEETS inside. How people are sure he slapped her? I don't think Kangana is innocent in all with her obsessive history with married man, and maybe Hrithik has his faults too but to act like a teenager, ooooh mommy and daddy and bhaiya don't approve of my lover, so you gonna go cry to the world. Other party didnt alleged women of character and mental illness. Why wud he be interested in a 50 years old unstable woman if not for the money? She is the daughter of Bollywood Actor Rakesh Roshan and sister of Superstar Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik itna handsome hone ke baad bhi date nahi kar raha hai aur kitna responsible hai apni fitness aur bacchon aur family ke taraf. Why he only loves HR because he is bankable? Clearly she is roaming around with his guy and partying as per her own claims. Sunaina Roshan Biography, Age, Height, Wiki, Husband, Family, Profile & more. He will return as the superhero in Krrish 4. This is entitled brattish behavior, not self empowered woman talking. Whatever is in rakesh roshans name..sunaina has equal right to it as per law..the roshans should be fair with both their kids,hr is already earning so much. Was she out of her mind that time?

Having money to spend on crap pursuits is just insane. Her judgement was always wrong. She lost around 75 kilos when she went under a bariatric surgery by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala. KANGANA should change her surname to psycho stalker. Was she not the first to make a Disgraceful dig at him that too after harassing him via mails? I’m pretty sure there are many. Chennai, Sooner or later it will swallow all. Why doesn't she put herself in their shoes and ask herself if she would be ok with her daughter carrying on as she is? Her brother did not buy a house she liked so she decides to side with someone has been torturing her family for years. Kangana let a real catfishes get away to bother other women when the cops asked for her co-operation. This is just the opposite of women empowerment and Lantana should not support her. Jaipur, After all her movie is also coming.

His childhood love/wife is back and supporting him in all this. First childhood love/wife left HR and now his ONLY sister against HR. They also have money from pinky roshan’s father j om prakash. Sussanne Khan wished Hrithik Roshan’s niece, Suranika Soni, on her birthday with a sweet video. This is really pathetic.

While this crazy woman met a random guy on facebook and asking her family to pay for a luxury lifestyle and he is strangely silent? If a man sent explicit mails, it comes under sexual harassment. Almost 50years old and still acting like a sploilt brat. So Sunaina has no rights to demand money. Hrithik is the only earning member of the family. This woman is emotionally unstable, she is naive and gullible, has never worked and behaves like a 13 year old. Apparently, she is richest actress in the world, This guy is clearly the mastermind of this drama. I will tell you who showed restraint: Ash when Salman used to harass and got physical with her. Even Nawaz will reject her advances. Wat a shameless irresponsible self centred woman. She has a daughter, Suranika Soni, who moved with her after Roshan’s divorce with Ashish. She could have worked in her father's production company and look after administrative work..that would keep her busy and acquire some skill no? Kangana is a woman and she has the right to ask for help and so do I. If i was Hrithik, i would disown this spoilt brat and ask her to earn her own money. All I can say is Shame. If he was one, would he go scot-free and work in the media? The senior actor-producer was operated upon, following which he spoke a few lines on his recovery.

Suranika is the daughter of Hrithik’s sister, Sunaina Roshan. NO. She forgot to take her medicine.

Sounds like she has been coached what to say by kangana going from what she has said here. Her mails were so explicit that it could not even be shared to media. It has gone beyond the affair point and now it’s money and mental health and new topic keeps coming up. He has taken a right and most importantly a LEGAL way. After all her failed marriages she wants to marry again.

Sunaina is a disgrace for Roshan family. How on earth is any of this being branded women's empowerment!? In this time n age, she is asking n demanding money from parents but brother.

But she has turned into such an Embarassment to the family. Excess weight, excessive alcohol, excessive self-pity. Crying because he took a legal way and now you are in a fix. Lol she can move out to her boyfriends place, then she would not need any money from her family right.....this is emotional extortion. why not her other friends ? They started it wrong together and now its worse..hope they just settle this grudges privately once n for all like real humans. There is something wrong with her. She was an upcoming starlet, rumored to have been pancholi's mistress that's it. At 17, people figure out how they will live once they have an education. Nobody told me. Its Kangana's fault, why did she keep insinuating in media that he was her ex, she could have stopped but no, her HR bhajan goes forever. She co-produced in many … Sunaina is one of the four childrens for her parents.

Under law, if the person has earned himself and not inherited he can will his property to even street beggars and not necessarily his kids. Even her daughter has the self respect to earn her own living and this lady is still throwing tantrums.

Love my foot! The amount of interest this unstable woman keeps showing in dating and drinks, wish she had shown in taking care of her poor daughter and in getting a job. Two days back I had asked my parents for money and they refused. THAT wud be woman empowerment! The men were all saints here?? Place in the Roshan family! 8)why she went to her family worst enemy for help? Jo aurat apne maaa baap ki nahi hosakti woh kisi ki nahi ho sakti. Seriously, she just want to be dependent on her parents for money. They are not “dudh ke dhule hue”. I thought that she had bad temper but now I think she was unstable even back then. I have always been extremely fond of Kangana but two years ago, when she won a national award, I messaged her, she told me ‘Don’t be friends with me or be in touch because of the family,’ and I was wondering what was happening as I wasn’t aware of what was happening. Even her daughter earns her own living. They will get a Group discount. A 50 years old asking money from her old parents ,one of them recovering from cancer. How low it is to expect a 50 year old lady to live on your terms or cut money she needs to live? You are nuts to blame a guy who has been harassed and defamed by a stalker . post the truth, I can't believe this woman is 47 years old. If she had her own identity, she could've been assured of the man wanting to be with her for HER.

I guess she is unstable! Yes sure man ...i mean what the hell ...she is 47 left family on her own will a 47 yr old demanding money from parents . It is clear he is a crook. Shes talking about women power here then why is she asking her parent for money?? Hrithik PR still blaming kanagana for all this.Yeh hrithik ke fans aur PR aone idol ki trh bevakoof hai . She is a grown woman with good education and still begging her family for money. But this thankless woman is lashing out only for MONEY. She is ill, and can be manipulated easily. Ranchi. By now, she wouldn't have needed anyone. Wow.

Karma is a bitch and strikes when you least expect it, so before you rush into hitting these three women with your biased comments, think what it is that you’re defending - Roshan lies, two-facedness, hypocrisy and coverups? Bcoz that guy can bring 3 other wives and you can do nothing about it. And of all people, to equate her situation with Kangana is even more nuts. Your criminal lawyer is already seen threatening your EX Aditya to take a defamation case against her back or she will accuse you of a false rape. Hrithik has no take as he is under my father’s guidance right now. He is a journalist called Ruhail Amin. Your family is not giving you money and does not accept your decision about this guy. If she can speak English, she can get at least get a job as receptionist. I think Kagana has figured you out girl. Everybody is harassing me today. it only proves that these evil women are doing all to settle their score and publicity. Who are you to poke nose in their family matter? Very scary people. 50000/- pocket money this month instead the lacs. She can marry this guy but she wants to bully her parents to fund her lavish lifestyle. Vikramaditya Shukla Wiki, Biography, Age, Movies, Images & More, Aalim Hakim Wiki, Biography, Age, Images, Family & More, Your email address will not be published.

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