spyderco folding knives

SPYDERCO C81GPDBL2 PARAMILITARY 2 G10 HANDLE S110V BLUE PLAIN EDGE FOLDING KNIFE, SPYDERCO C122GP TENACIOUS SATIN BLADE G10 HANDLE FOLDING KNIFE. SPYDERCO C229GP SHAMAN PLAIN EDGE BLACK G10 GANDLE CPM-S30V FOLDING KNIFE. These knives have a sleek design and are made in such a way that they can fit into your pockets and carried around with ease. All product names, art and text herein are the property of Spyderco, Inc. and may not be reproduced in part or whole without the sole written permission of Spyderco, Inc. Kit with dvd. Spyderco's non-locking folding knives: an excellent tool for most cutting chores, socially friendly and legally permissible almost everywhere. Limited Time Offer & Free Shipping! SPYDERCO C229GPBORE SHAMAN REX 45 BURNT ORANGE G10, SPRINT RUN. Camouflage has multiple designs of these blades from reputed brands like Cold Steel, Spyderco, Gerber, SOG, Kershaw, and more. Spyderco Ulize Folding Knife, VG10, C161GP. SPYDERCO C148GP AMBITIOUS G-10 FOLDING KNIFE, Spyderco C85gp2 Yojimbo 2 Plain Edge Cpm-S30v Blade Steel Folding Knife. As the industry first considered these brash innovations to be fads, Spyderco started to dominate the market. All rights reserved. Spyderco folding knives are so legendary they created an entire new market. Spyderco Salt Series Salt Series knives are the ultimate rustproof marine knife; offering Reliable High-Performance in any environment where corrosion is a … C161GP dis. Flat Ground.

Spyderco was founded by Sal Glesser. 10.00 am till 12.00 noon and 3.00 pm till 7.00 pm, Saturday:10:00am - 3:00pm Text Hayden for details.647-291-4416, As per Provincial regulations, we will not be accepting any returns or exchanges at this time, Curved Knives, Martial Arts and Training Items.

Modification of products, materials, measurements, technical specifications and availability can occur. CALL OR EMAIL YOUR ORDERS. As the 2nd Lockdown is in progress in store shopping will be suspended until further notice. The blade is made from stainless steel that gives the product a sturdy and attractive look, Low cost of maintenance due to Good quality of materials, Scientifically designed handle to provide a better grip while working, The blade safely folds right inside the handle completely so there is no chance of getting hurt accidently, Camouflage understands the needs of people better than anyone. Based on one of Serge Panchenko’s most popular custom designs, the Dog Tag Folder is a unique departure from Spyderco’s typical folding knife construction methods. Shop Now and avail Free Shipping on Orders over $175. CURBSIDE PICK UP HOURS. Camouflage has multiple designs of these blades from reputed brands like Cold Steel , Spyderco … Please note, images shown on Spyderco.com may be of Production Prototypes. Pocket knives are used for multiple purposes, right from tearing off envelopes, to cutting fruits, ropes and even for Self-Defence. Spyderco C223gpdbl Para 3 cpm s110v elite blue Plain Edge Folding Knife. SPYDERCO C223PBK PARA 3 FRN HANDLE CTS BD1N STEEL LIGHTWEIGHT FOLDING KNIFE. Pocket knives are also called Folding knives interchangeably and have one or more blades that can be folded and fit inside the handle. We carry different varieties of folding knives, be it single blade or multi-tool knives to serve your purpose. SPYDERCO C28PBK2 NEW DRAGONFLY 2 VG10 STEEL PLAIN FOLDING KNIFE. Get the Safest shopping experience at Camouflage. By purchasing or receiving any item produced by Spyderco, Inc., the owner assumes the responsibility to research and comply with all applicable federal, state, local, and international laws related to the possession, ownership, carry, shipment, transport, and use of any Spyderco product.

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