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We were at the first hole my dad wanted to fish first (about 2 miles above Moonshine) at a quarter to 7. Most Replied Threads Most Liked Threads Most Viewed Threads Most Liked Posts. I've been getting reports that the Siletz isn't worth the drive.... Siletz will get good again in october when the rains begin to show up, right now the wter is warm and the fish are in hide and survive mode.

We rented a small aluminum skiff And got blanked on cutts but saw some nice kings roll. JavaScript is disabled. My friend caught three fish, and I caught one, the biggest steelhead (and fish peroid) of my life... Im driftin down the Siletz for the first time this weekend hopin to catch some steelies... anyone have any advice for me? Area 13 Public Beaches - New to me exploring, Belize 2019, Trip Report 1, "How About Dem Bones? There was probably 150 people floating and swimming at the park on Sat. Popular Content. I recently purchased a drift boat and I plan on making a trip or two to the Siletz for some summer steelie fishin. By Subject. I am spending the weekend in Lincoln City at the end of September. My friend Johnny Southpaw took me to the Siletz river. You are using an out of date browser. I took my rod, but the wind was enough to scare me away from any beach casting. You are using an out of date browser. If you havent fished this river, the bridge is up above moonshine park a few miles. So i spent the day with my pa and a good buddy out on the siletz river today. Don't have access to a boat but would like to wet a line for a bit and chase after some SRC. I would like to hit the gorge on the upper siletz but it seems like 4.5 ft might be a little low! During the peak of the run, most anglers concentrate fishing in the lower tidal reach of the river channel above the Highway 101 Bridge where the Siletz Moorage is located. I did observe a lot of 'gear' guys on the north end of the bay where there is public access. I cut my teeth in the early 80s fishing the Siletz tidewater for SRCs, and the upper river for summer SH.

Is it worth the effort? Anyone ever try that for SRC. So I made my first trip of the year up there, and it was cold, and lots of snow.

Thanks everyone for the input - gives me some hope and some leads. JavaScript is disabled.

Sep 15, 2020 #1 I am spending the weekend in Lincoln City at the end of September. Siletz river sea run cutthroat (OR) ... .

I was thinking about not bringing the flyrod but after these positive responses -I will be!

Trying to decide between the Salmon River (below the 101 bridge I guess... never been) and the Siletz (also never been). Can't say anything for the river. Beautiful river, and very few people. Went to the Siletz today with my dad and brother. My buddy got his fish just above the bridge in some really shallow water.Got it on his own spinner, silver and pink. The Salishan spit is private I believe, but there was one gear guy fishing for surf perch. Some casts with eggs, some without. Menu. I have access to private property near mile post 10. It's a great spot for Chinook Salmon runs and boasts a native cutthroat trout population.

My buddy and I spent a good 7 hours on the water up in the gorge on the Siletz Saturday. Not enough time. Had a most memorable day on the water today:D:D I had a feeling it was going to be a good day last night when I noticed the full moon staring down from above. The bonus was I found the spinner hangin out of his mouth while snorkeling during the heat of the day. I am not talking down by Mo's, more like the Coyote rock area. You must log in or register to reply here. The bag limit for the Siletz River is 1 wild chinook per day and 5 per year for the 2020 season.Cutthroat trout fishing closed for the season on Oct. 31.The 4.0 mile bridge (aka Steel Bridge) in the Siletz gorge is open to motorized vehicles on the weekends only. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Anglers can walk/bike in the road during the weekdays. Could be wrong about that, but i've never fished it for steel before. I'll try to keep OFF updated on the Siletz, as i plan on fishin it quite a bit. What else should I plan for? I usually make several trips a year up the gorge.

It looked awfully fishy with the seals and birds in the area, but even he gave up while struggling to cast into the wind. We were tied up with different color combos or corkies and yarn with a 1/0 hook and eggs.

I might have an opportunity to get out tomorrow. There is a reasonable boat rental down by the bridge. The fish calmed down after a few minutes and I ran and grabbed my camera-put it around my neck and... Hi all,

Salmon River or Siletz River... what would you do? I know the area well, and think its some of the best bank access/ fishing around. You are using an out of date browser. Forums. Fished about mid way up to the deadline.

O.F.F. The Siletz river is open year around but is species specific. Forums. Where is the Siletz Located and how far away of a drive is it from Gresham?

Everything you need to know for a successful fishing trip to Siletz River - top places for fishing, the best fishing techniques, and the latest fishing reports. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. that is where to start fishing. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Site supporters benefits include no ads and access to some additional features, few now, more in the works. Two years ago my son and I watched a boat with four fisher folk in it reel in six big chrome beauties. Got it on a Steelhead Stalkers microjig up in the gorge on the Siletz. Siletz River Fishing Report Summer steelhead fishing has been slow so far... more » OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff: 4-27-2020: Wild Chinook bag on Siletz River reduced to one fish from May 1 to July 31 NEWPORT, Ore. The best fishing in there for summer metal has come and gone, the better action now will be closer to the trap...Nice job on the fish! Great day all in all. JavaScript is disabled.

What's new. Never fished up there before.


In the wake of poor Chinook... more » OR Department of Fish & Wildlife Staff: 3-4-2020: Steelhead Fishing Has Slowed Down Siletz river sea run cutthroat (OR) Thread starter Peach; Start date Sep 15, 2020; Peach Peach. YouTube -... You must log in or register to post here.

YouTube - P1300460.AVI New posts. Caught this fish at Moonshine park on Siletz this weekend and it was my second time fishing at Moonshine. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Any SRC's still down low should be staging there. any help would be appreciated. You might want to try the tidewater of some of the tribs coming into Siletz Bay such as Drift Creek or Schooner Creek. Was hoping to get turned onto some fresh winter action but I'll have to keep waiting on that front... The holes were crowded after arriving an hour late, looks... Gonna go try the Siletz above Moonshine in the morning. Beautiful river Beautiful river Thanks for the report on another beautiful river. I have never fished at Moonstruck,but then,I've never caught anything in the Siletz… The Siletz River is the primary focus for …

Here is a video report of our fishing trip. you will start to see tree lined banks without people and houses and dark waters. Support WFF by upgrading your account. Didn't find the chrome I've been dreaming about, but was able to land one slightly colored native winter on float/jig. Anybody ever do it? Grand Ronde Coho harvest open for 1st time in 40 years!

Fished up in the gorge yesterday evening, caught a really nice native summer fish:D:D:D He slammed my spinner then proceeded to do cartwheels on the surface for a while, entertaining my dog Nika. Part 2 in The Oregon Adventures is going to be released in two segments.

If you're chasing steelhead the best times are between December and March; the fall run starts in September and runs through November.

I'm in Lincoln City for the weekend and I get to do some bank/wading fishing tomorrow morning.

Perfect water conditions and an overcast sky,Thats all it took and I am off to the Siletz for some winter steel (not to mention being cooped up with FIVE fifteen year old girls and my wife for three days, at a beach house in Newport). Trying to catch my first winter steelhead, All over Springfield and Eugene, 11/24-25. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It was down by Coyote something or other. My friend landed two fish on spinners, a small winter and a... Couldn't hardly believe my eyes when I got this guy in-a Coho this late in the season? I was so sick of bank fishing on the salmon River that I decided that F it I'll just take my boat out on the siletz.

Looked like a mighty fishy moon. Everything you need to know for a successful fishing trip to Siletz River - top places for fishing, the best fishing techniques, and the latest fishing reports. The eggs we got... Well i spent 2 days learning the river last week.

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