psalm 30 reflection

Psalm 30. The closest we get is when Michal – Saul’s daughter and David’s wife who later would despise him and become his enemy – once she pretended that he was sick in bed to protect him from Saul.

King David has been brought back from the brink of despair by God who has rescued him. The great things the Lord has done for us, both by his providence and by his grace, bind us in gratitude to do all we can to advance his kingdom among men, though the most we can do is but little.

Complete Concise Chapter Contents. "On this Sunday of Easter, craft the major moves of your sermon so that they reflect the four … As Christians, we are dazzled by the things of this world, and often find our hearts led astray by the same temptations that affect all. Note the contrasts again – mourning versus dancing, putting off versus girding, and sackcloth versus gladness. A moment contrasted with life. "Tyndale Old Testament Commentary on the Psalms," by Derek Kidner (InterVarsity Press, 1973). He spells it out for us in verses 9 and 10. But if God, in wisdom and justice, turn from us, it will be the greatest folly if we turn from him. If that were the case, then David is writing this in anticipation of the Temple being dedicated under Solomon’s leadership. This then is still an excerpt of David’s prayer which began in verse 9. Now, there are a few different possibilities as to what David is speaking of here.

“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; “Inspiration of Scripture” and the Psalms. And yet, this hiding and troubling that God does is only for a moment – as we just saw.

Some have thought that this is Solomon’s Temple. This psalm has a unique title: A Psalm.

7 Things That Make Us Less Attractive: Based on Psychology, Netflix’s ‘Keeper Test’ Is the Secret to a Successful Workforce, 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life. In a word – it was his complacent pride. In other words, God doesn’t gain anything from David’s death. And if God hadn’t done that, David’s enemies would rejoice over him. God lifts David up.

The Psalmist concludes this Psalm with these words, You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, to the end that my glory may sing praise to You and not be silent. But this won’t happen if the Lord takes his life. His dancing was a kind of joyful leaping.

The word mourning here is often used of the wailing that you’d hear at a funeral. It was his pride and self-reliance. He would persevere to the end in praise, hoping that he should shortly be where this would be the everlasting work. The emphasis of that is probably something like “Now as for me” or “but as for me.” (Important because I said is already built with the first person singular pronoun. And yet, really – for those who know and love God, it’s not the anger and the chastening that is permanent. Psalm 30 is a praise psalm. So, this group of enemies wanted to rejoice over David. God dwells in each of us and in the church corporately. The word prosperity is used only once in OT and that’s here.

Remember, that morning may not come until our entrance into God's heavenly kingdom; but that will truly be a morning of great joy. That’s what led David to think it was fine to do it his own way when it came to transporting the ark. In the process of continually meditating on a psalm often the story emerges. Now, how did the Lord lift David up and not allow David’s foes to rejoice over him?

The truth is, no one is happy all of the time. The Psalmist concludes this Psalm with these words, Psalm 31, The Lord Preserves the Faithful. Very helpful thoughts on each of the psalms. Have mercy is the same word as I made supplication in verse 9.

David bears witness to Yahweh’s disciplining. If this is the case, then David is recounting in this psalm the trouble he encountered while trying to get the ark to its place in Jerusalem – to the house of David. But the answer to this request is actually found in 1 Chronicles 15:26.

Thou hast healed me — That is, delivered me from the fears and troubles of my mind, (which are often compared to diseases,) and from very dangerous distempers of my body.

Not necessarily that David was granted some sort of military victory – but rather the Lord delivered him in some way which prevented the enemies from gloating. As we travel through life we experience many occasions of difficulty and pain, often a product of our sinful actions, careless attitude or foolish indifference towards God or others.

It seems as though they never grieve.

It’s not sheol or bor but rather shachah.

Psalms 30:4-5 he invites the saints to unite with him in celebrating divine compassion.

So, in reaction to the Lord hiding his face from David, David spoke to the Lord and asked him desperately for mercy. Have you ever noticed that some Christians seem to be happy all the time. Are we just not gonna talk about Hassan Minhaj? So, David is praising God for victories over his enemies. It’s innocent and joyful. And now, I don’t believe that Michal was being accurate here. And then the trouble of his own wife mocking his jubilant enthusiasm as he brought the ark into the city and into this house commissioned by David. When we grow careless, we fall into sin, the Lord hides his face, our comforts droop, and troubles assail us. It is a good sign that we are in some measure partakers of his holiness, if we can heartily rejoice at the remembrance of it.

We ask aright for life, when we do so that we may live to praise him.

I thank you from my heart, and I will never stop singing your praises, my LORD and my God. What is the alternative to “wealth gotten by vanity” in Proverbs 13 11?

If you can get to the point where – instead of being bitter at God for the chastening – you and I are brought to the point where we can even invite others to praise the Lord for his holiness – the holiness which sometimes causes these shocking events.

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