negative effects of fish farming

J��u5?=�̝2��� � `ME���:(���Tah�nnK[ �q|����. ��3V��˭�(���8R�ϕ,��N���Sh����� �ӎD��#v!�Ȳ'2����(ޕ�$=L(�M�����N���S`%eϪj� =Xo��U���yՠI (�o6��/B���Z�xH�29mE=�$�ÄF�������ګ��l�[z�\��aT�F� ��3m��3:r�f���q Dk���:#�-��&I�]i�HE�6�T�J���R�W���5B*OѐÔ��� The fish farming industry in Scotland is dominated by salmon farming, much of which takes place in the sheltered sea lochs of the west coast and islands (see Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey). Salmon farming can have a variety of effects on the marine environment, through the discharge of nutrients, solid waste, medicines and antifoulants.

��f?W��K8��N�]��t��WU6���P��l�+YJ�%�Fe ��! The most common negative environmental impacts that have been associated with aquaculture include: waters eutrophication, water quality, alteration or destruction of natural habitats; introduction and transmission of aquatic animal diseases (FAO, 2006a). &�.R1*��.H�^U�TVH�h��ݗ�T�����HŨ��K� U{�9����ܰmeҩ�bTJ�%\���z������#�7㊌Fp��&��Rq �j�&w^��g������.�4�"�g�ݡ�3U{—w1�Ä���m�|�p�%�Bo>� -M��^ �KU@�:�g����(\�iT�p Fish Farming: Effects on Fish As you might imagine, most species of fish don’t thrive when being raised in extremely cramped pens, fed commercial feed, and treated with pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals. Fish farms can have a harmful effect on the local environment. What are the Effects of Fish Farming on Marine Environment? For example, antibiotics and chemicals used to treat fish can leach into surrounding soil and waters, according to the Time magazine article "Is Fish Farming Safe?" Higher Levels of Omega-6 [(t�ӈ�7U>k���ǟ��\�R.�4*K8�v�0cE e+L�"�������(\�iT�p We now know that thees modern practices negatively affect the fish as well as their environment. ����e��)Iz��{����\��쎂��C�26���v���͟n߽qeWF�}�w�yŴ�@�ӏb[�X���հ��7�����o�/ϯ�߼�UBr��/�k7X-j.���A��P���J�i�PUY�4�-������EK�T���j��+�5�n�n���Ä��7\����n�+���a*J��f[uu�x� Y����n��W�>ࡺ��N� ��f9:8�1г_�`���lϮ��'�(~fh�x�='9(��t��^�#���C�Þ�Tsl�d�����g��g���PيT�p��ًq����X�� ���9��Y9ϰ�o+ag��8�Lؾ=�3���oO����48����Dz�L/�dj$M�k2�Ä� �:�\��f��j�qrY=��� @�����������Z�.�\�:��������h�� This can poison agricultural land. mR�h�X��[쪀؊�]^�\�R.�4*K8�6sr�ghl�!uP�

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