monsters vs aliens insectosaurus

| Created when Link absentmindedly scares a surviving pumpkin that was standing over a carrot patch in the garden of Ginormica's parents' home, causing a carrot to absorb the same green goo that mutated the pumpkins and turn into a zombie carrot.

[citation needed], Coverlord (or Grand Coverlord) is the true main antagonist of the television series who wishes to take over Earth. Tip Tucci | Ending Nov 12 at 9:04PM PST 5d 22h. Background information

Lou | His vocal sound effects were provided by Conrad Vernon, who also voices Gingy from the Shrek franchise and Mason from the Madagascar franchise. Verne |

Vitaly | Mort | She appears in the Halloween special Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space. [citation needed], An aggressive plushy that appears in "The Toy from Another World".

Nuffink Haddock |

Ozzie | Humpty Alexander Dumpty | Voice Bunty |

She was born and captured in 1989 and transformed into a butterfly in 2008. Cash Networth | Corporal |

He came to Earth to collect payment after the monsters and Coverton spent a large amount of money from Sqweep's piggy bank account. She is a giant monster silkworm that cannot speak clearly, and is mesmerized by bright lights (usually used to lead her to other locations); For the longest time Link thought Insectosaurus was a male, after the emergence from the cocoon it was discover she was actually a female. Background information General Warren R. Monger | Insectosaurus Insectosaurus (often referred to as "Insecto") (voiced by Conrad Vernon ), a 1 inch (25 mm) grub that was transformed by nuclear radiation into a 350 foot (106.7 m) monster with the ability to shoot silk out of its nose.

Jin |

Penny | Gallaxhar is the main antagonist of Monsters vs. Aliens. Sarmoti |

Biggie | Everything else is either a robot or a supercomputer ripped-off from Dexter and Plankton. After his metamorphosis near the end of the film, Insectosaurus' appearance is changed to that of a more moth-like creature (similar to Mothra of Godzilla fame) while still possessing his hamster-like face, furry body, massive overbite and reptilian-like tail. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III |

Cooper | It involves a group of monsters (Susan, a.k.a Ginormica, a woman who was hit by a giant asteroid on her wedding day and grew to be 50 feet tall, B.O.B, an indestructible gelatinous mass created when a dessert topping was combined with a tomato, Dr. Cockr… According to director Conrad Vernon, Link is not based on any classic movie monster, although he does bear a lot of resemblances to the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

White Shadow |

Arthur Pendragon |

Ulaz | It is his search for Quantonium that leads him to Earth. Coverlord is seen as a mute, faceless, green cloud. Yocheved | His second attempt, which required him to visit Earth, nearly succeeds.

Shrek Heroes. Merlin |

Although of her big physique, she is actually a baby.

"Ahhh""Hey" There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Kitty Softpaws |

Tulio |

Bullwinkle J. Moose |

Captain Smek | Guy Diamond | Marty | Princess Poppy |

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Each of the main five characters are modeled after classic movie monsters.

Viper | God |

Gallaxhar. It is revealed in "Night of the Living Carrots" that he had a fear of carrots due to being force-fed carrot puree in his youth and at the end of the short was turned into a giant, zombie carrot. King Peppy |

[citation needed], General Warren R. Monger (voiced by Kiefer Sutherland in the film, Fred Tatasciore in the video game, Kevin Michael Richardson in the TV series) is a military leader who runs a top secret facility where monsters are kept. Davidchannel's movie-spoof of DreamWorks Animation 2009 film Monsters vs. Aliens. Tiger | Coran |

He's been renamed to Butterflysaurus.

Revvit |

Angie | Hunter |

Douglas |

[citation needed]. He is the Missing Link's pet. Oh | He was captured in 1969 and formed a close bond with the Missing Link, who is the only person that can understand him. Cinderella | Eep Crood |

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Varvatos Vex |

Becoming sleep deprived because of it, Sqweep invents a memory extractor to extract the memory of the Moon Ape, which escapes into reality where it terrorizes Area fifty-Something.

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