merchant grain beetle how to get rid of

They can grow to be one-eighth of an inch long and have very flat bodies. They can infest and contaminate breakfast foods, cereals, macaroni, candy, chocolate, sugar, cake mixes, brownie mixes, ntus, dried pet food, bread, rolled oats, biscuits, cornmeal, etc. Eco-Wise™ has the knowledge, equipment, and skills to take care of all your merchant grain beetle problems and will show you how to get rid of merchant grain beetles for good! They can be found in these items if the grain has been broken. Merchant grain beetles are typically not found in grain products, but instead like to attack cereals, cake mixes, macaroni, cookies and chocolate. The pests can also burrow into multiple boxes of food and infest an entire pantry.

Remember to read all product labels and follow the application instructions on these labels and stay safe by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

The merchant grain beetle flies; while the Saw-Tooth does not fly.

Two of the most common flour beetles are the “Confused Flour Beetle” and the “Red Flour Beetle,” according to experts at Orkin. 247HomeServiceUS is a Home Repair Service Company. Clear the shelves and cabinet and thoroughly check all the packages. It is frustrating to throw all that food away, but you must – or forever be dealing with these pests!• Totally clean out the pantry. To get rid of merchant grain beetles, discard infested packages. Working Hours:Sunday Open 24 hoursMonday Open 24 hoursTuesday Open 24 hoursWednesday Open 24 hoursThursday Open 24 hoursFriday Open 24 hoursSaturday Open 24 hours, © Copyright 2020 Home Service US. They prefer the smaller broken particles and are attracted to higher fat products. The best way to avoid the introduction of merchant grain beetles is to check dry goods after purchase. with your favorite all-natural pest control product specifically designed for use around food. Have you tried to take home services from Yet?

To get rid of merchant grain beetles, discard infested packages.

These small brown or reddish pests usually enter the home via the packaging of other food items. Don't forget to clean and vacuum under the shelves and any wire shelving. Control Treatment Plans-How to Get Rid Of Merchant Grain Beetles. These insects typically enter homes in infested food packages. Home Home & Living Cleaning & Organizing. Pantry pests like Indian meal moths and merchant grain beetles can become difficult to control once they get inside. National Pest Management Association, Tips on Finding a Pest Control Professional, Keep Pantry Pests Out of Food Storage Areas This Holiday Season, Slideshow: 6 Tips to Prevent Pesky Pantry Pests, Prevent Beetles and Moths From Spoiling Holiday Cheer, Have a Holly Jolly (And Pest-Free) Holiday. The merchant grain beetle is a common stored product pest found not only in Canada but worldwide. How to get rid of cockroaches: If you see cockroaches in a cabinet, immediately empty the cabinet of food because this puts stress on the cockroach population, making extermination easier. With the holiday season upon us, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is educating homeowners about certain insects that can infest and contaminate food in pantries. How worried should I be about merchant grain beetles, How can I prevent merchant grain beetles invading. They are not salvageable.

They can cause considerable financial losses in food processing centers, food mills and commercial storage areas. These miniature marauders are notorious for being difficult to control for several reasons.

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