how to make first aid kit

Again, it can have many of the elements mentioned so far, as well as things like: Although not strictly part of your first aid kit, you may want to keep things like a flashlight (with batteries), an extra blanket, hats and gloves, extra glasses (if you use them), and some non-perishable food. Close! Approved.

Will it be for your home or for travel? This is why it’s essential to know how to make a first aid kit. This is why it’s essential to know how to make a first aid kit. The Importance of Training: Final Thoughts, Adventure Medical Kits Professional Guide Kit. If reliable drinking water isn’t universally available. Please don’t stab anyone in the throat with a ballpoint pen if they stop breathing. . Will you be somewhere that’s particularly hot or cold? Whether you end up regularly using your kit or not, you’ll still want to check it from time to time. Take an advanced wilderness first-aid course and you'll never have to say "I didn't know what to do" to the next-of-kin.

Awesome yr", "I was looking for information about a first aid kit for an assignment and I found this article. Topics include what to do when someone’s choking, helping someone who has passed out, and helping someone with a severe cut.

A first aid kit for a single man in the city to take on trips to the gun range will be very different than what a family of six living in the country keeps for problems around the house. We take a look at …. In fact, it’s better to personalize your first aid kit so that it’s specifically tailored to meet the needs of you and your family. If you get stuck with your vehicle, this can be a lifesaver.

Try again... Not necessarily. You can update your preferences and unsubscribe at any time. This article has been viewed 301,360 times. However, having even a basic knowledge of field dressing and emergency care can go a long way. Construct a solid emergency kit with these medical must-haves. Herbs in My First Aid Kit. Where do you plan on keeping this kit? Still, there's a much more universal reason for keeping bags in your first aid kit and ideally, you'll never run into the other situation. Early morning ritual in our camping family, then we are set for the rest of the 24 hour day. Having a properly stocked first aid kit in your home is an easy but essential part of good emergency preparation. Join Today! As well as looking at the basics of what first aid is and why it’s essential, we also cover everything you need to know about what goes into a first aid kit and how you can get started making your own. The level of preparedness that you’re working toward will directly affect the kind of first aid kit you make. If you’re not a doctor, nurse-practitioner, or combat medic, you’re probably not going to have the skills to suture someone or give them a tracheostomy, so it might not be worth investing your money in these products. What should I do if I'm bitten by a snake? For such a kit, use a small, durable, water-resistant container, clearly marked with "ALLERGY EMERGENCY KIT" along with the person's name. Try again... Why should you always keep spare Ziploc bags in your first aid kit? The first thing you want to do is think about the purpose of creating your first aid kit. <100) with limited to no medical resources. The size and contents of your kit will vary based on these answers. The nearest medical facility is about 30 minutes away, with limited resources when it comes to life-threatening emergencies.

Eventually I settled on 5.11’s 6×6 Med Pouch which simply includes two zippered pockets which worked great for my purposes.

For removing small splinters and other precision tasks. FutureLearn offers courses in many different subjects such as. There is, quite literally, a fire department, urgent care, or hospital no more than 5-10 minutes away from where I live and most places I go. This tape can be used to make sure dressings stay in place, as well as to hold the ends of bandages. Having one means you’re prepared for any potential injuries or illnesses that may arise.

A face covering can help reduce cross infection with the casualty.

Maybe the last time you got hurt you found yourself at the hospital or urgent care for an otherwise treatable-at-home injury. Excessive sun exposure can be damaging, so make sure you have plenty of sun protection.

However, in other scenarios, the first aider could be providing initial support in an emergency situation.

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