food safe exterior wood sealer

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A second application can be made in 30 minutes, and the finish dries overnight.

In a pitcher or carafe, stir together the lemon juice and milk. if((input.type === 'checkbox' || input.type === 'radio') && input.checked) { Due to the abundance of milk in early rural America, a combination of milk paint and iron oxide (rust) or animal blood was often used to paint idyllic red barns that dot the countryside to this day, a testament to the durability of the finish.

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return name.replace(/\s?mimi_invalid/, ''); If you choose to use linseed oil, be certain to purchase it in raw form, not boiled, which contains additives that are potentially toxic.

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dropdownValidation: function(field, input) { input.className = 'required'; }, The product is easy to apply with a soft cloth. The individual gardener must weight the cost and effectiveness of the product, which are both excellent, with the possibility of a minute amount of toxicity. If you do not have a double boiler, simply fill a sauce pan with water and bring it to boiling. new Mimi.Signups.EmbedValidation(); }

*  Therefore, I was unable to verify whether or not the product is truly VOC free, or may contain very small levels of these toxins. Repeat the process until you have enough wax to complete your project. if (instance.wrapperEl === dropdownEl) { Leave the mixture at room temperature overnight or over 2 nights.


Gardens come in constant contact with water and weather, so those that are made of wood or other porous media require a sealant to prevent quick decay of the materials.

For a citrus scented polish, add a few drops of organic lemon or orange food flavoring when you remove the mixture from the heat. } Do not allow the water to boil dry at any time. },

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Many of these gardeners are opting to grow plants in raised beds or containers in lieu of traditional in-ground row gardens.


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It contains no solvents and no VOCs. } else if (field.className.indexOf('checkgroup') >= 0) { } top.location.href = this.formUrl('html'); }

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Allow any of the wax that hardens upon contact with the oil to re-melt, and then remove the mixture from the heat. field.className = field.className.replace(/ invalid/g, ''); }, FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. document.body.removeChild(script);

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Completely non-toxic, it cleans up with soap and water. },

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Milk paint is an organic preparation that gives a whitewash finish to wood.

Place 1/4 of the beeswax in the top pot of the double boiler, reduce heat to medium-low and melt the wax completely.

Apply it to chapped skin in the wintertime. function serialize(form){if(!form||form.nodeName!=="FORM"){return }var i,j,q=[];for(i=form.elements.length-1;i>=0;i=i-1){if(form.elements[i].name===""){continue}switch(form.elements[i].nodeName){case"INPUT":switch(form.elements[i].type){case"text":case"hidden":case"password":case"button":case"reset":case"submit":q.push(form.elements[i].name+"="+encodeURIComponent(form.elements[i].value));break;case"checkbox":case"radio":if(form.elements[i].checked){q.push(form.elements[i].name+"="+encodeURIComponent(form.elements[i].value))}break;case"file":break}break;case"TEXTAREA":q.push(form.elements[i].name+"="+encodeURIComponent(form.elements[i].value));break;case"SELECT":switch(form.elements[i].type){case"select-one":q.push(form.elements[i].name+"="+encodeURIComponent(form.elements[i].value));break;case"select-multiple":for(j=form.elements[i].options.length-1;j>=0;j=j-1){if(form.elements[i].options[j].selected){q.push(form.elements[i].name+"="+encodeURIComponent(form.elements[i].options[j].value))}}break}break;case"BUTTON":switch(form.elements[i].type){case"reset":case"submit":case"button":q.push(form.elements[i].name+"="+encodeURIComponent(form.elements[i].value));break}break}}return q.join("&")};

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textValidation: function(input) { }, Optionally, cover with a coat of SoySeal, Soapstone Wood Sealer or a layer of homemade wood polish. Primary purpose of stains is to saturate wood with pigment in order to change its color.

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if (this.validEmail.test(email.value)) { An appealing combination is to paint a layer of dark green, followed by a layer of barn red, which is then covered by a layer of black. for (var i = 0; i < instances.length; ++i) { var fields = this.form.querySelectorAll(".mimi_field.required"), 'submit' : 'disabled'; for (var j = 0; j < inputs.length; ++j) {

onFormSubmit: function(e) { Spruce up or coordinate your raised beds and wooden garden structures while protecting them from moisture, mildew, mold, and UV degradation. }

Before paint was manufactured and sold commercially, it was made at home with simple ingredients and techniques passed down through the generations. It contains food grade walnut oil and carnauba wax.

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The only drawback to consider is that milk paint can water spot, a likely occurrence in the garden. After painting with milk paint, I recommend rubbing the dried surface with linseed or vegetable oil. this.fieldAndListValidation();

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if (this.fieldType(fields[i]) === 'text_field') { if (type === 'text_field') { Place beeswax in a glass measuring cup, and hang the handle over the edge of the pan, immersing the bottom of the cup in the boiling water. These products varied widely in cost, effectiveness and ease of use.

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