finnish meringue cake

I’m always looking for great new teas to try! Thank you for the nice review Tanya and you are welcome :). Also, would it be ok to add food coloring to the meringue? Merry Christmas to your family as well. Meringue is not difficult to make, and this fresh-tasting dessert makes them well worth the time involved! Tremendous hit. The Port and Plum Jam is more like an easy and fast to make spread. Oh goodness your site will make me FAT!!! For Valentine’s Day or bridal showers…? chopped - if you would like to sprinkle some on top of each meringue as well.

Merry Christmas . Hi Olya! Ingredients: CAKE: 1 stick of butter, room temperature 2/3 cup sugar 2 egg yolks 1 cup flour 2 tbsp baking powder 2/3 cup milk. To make these Finnish merengue cookies even more festive for the holiday, put a few drops of red food coloring and crunch up some peppermint candy canes and fold into the merengue before spreading, they are very tasty! Roll dough out onto a long sheet of parchment paper to about a 7" by 20" rectangle. Please read the recipe with some thought before getting started, I have some tips below and I recommend making the rhubarb filling the day before. Transfer 1 1/4 cups of the whipped mascarpone cream to a medium bowl and fold in the sliced strawberries. I know it’s really early, but Merry Christmas!!! The top isn’t as hard as it’s suppose to be, and it is pretty fragile making it difficult to assemble as a cake, but I learned from my mistakes and hopefully next time get it right. I don’t know about the cookies but the little boy is so so awesomely cute, the cookies don’t compare. I made them for the holidays and everyone absolutely loved them. You also can not have even one drop of water in the mixture and all your tools have to be completely dry. You just have to go for it when cutting this cake! They are delicious! The second attempt I sifted the flour and baking soda right after the buttercream, then I added the yolks and sour cream and the dough was PERFECT and easy to roll out.

These five ingredients are usually a given in any Scandinavian pantry, which means it rarely requires heading to the store or much of an effort to whip up a cake. Roll into a long log. Hope that helps. I just made this cookies so namy my family loved it but I taste baking soda too much, any advices ? I tried to make mine prettier and more rose-like by making a second batch the next day, but don’t know if I really accomplished my goal. I ate at least 5 at once, next time i will cut dough in half.. Oh dear I bet they were huge! Also, next time try putting the parchment paper over the surface that is less slick, such as cutting board. Meringue is a mixture of eggs whites and sugar that when blended properly develop into a thick, fluffy consistency. This is her official website where she shares recipes from her show and new recipes in her blog, plus upcoming events, recent news, and more. Hi Antonia, these cookies store best for up to three days.

My family can’t get enough of them. Allow to cool. Then you add sugar, and whip it some more until it forms to this shiny consistency and you can form peaks from it. It turned out great though the juicier strawberries made it pretty messy. I don’t have that recipe and it’s a little bit of a different cookie. Lady from our church makes these for any big gatherings or conference. I noticed they have a nutty taste to them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Love it! Super easy to make and not too sweet. But I could taste the baking soda a lot is that normal or did I do something wrong?

It’s popular in Sweden and Finland, and it’s one of my favorites. Use a rubber spatula, or a cake decorator's metal offset spatula, to fill in and even out rectangles. I did find the dough sticking to the parcement paper after rolling it out, so the next batch I made I placed the knead dough in the fridge for 30-40 minutes and then rolled out the dough and it was perfect. TIP: To check if the cookies are done baking, take ONE cookie out and break in half. Sorry… forgot to tell you – we called them “Rosochki” -=roses. I think it tastes better when it sits at least one day. All you need is a delicious cup of Latte. . Lol “messy” is an understatement But super duper delicious!!!! Parchment paper for rolling, wrapping and baking (use 1 sheet for the whole process!). Did your dough look like the pictures (didn’t stick to the sides of the bowl when you were all done mixing it?). :))), Let me know how they will turn out Alana . I’m not sure about that….

Now I have to figure out what to do with all these cookies. Did you possibly use a different kind of flour? Or you can pop it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes if your in a rush! As long as it is completely covered in a place with no humidity, I would give it 24 to 48 hours. And please try this, it really is amazing. Skimbaco Lifestyle was founded in 2007 by Katja Presnal to inspire you to live life to the fullest – the Nordic way. Thanks! Most likely you under beat them Lizette, remember they have to hold stiff peaks . Can’t wait to try these, but had to say – your son is BEAUTIFUL, I mean manly and handsome, but he is SO adorable. wow they look delish making these today when my butter comes to room temp thanks girl!!! This way it had time to get rid of the taste of it and still be used in recipe. Draw two 9 inch circles on a parchment paper. Also love Christmas ornaments on the top photo, makes cookies even more festive! Apakah kamu sudah membuat resep ini? Beat until batter is mixed well. Vika wrote in with her aunt Vera’s recipe for these Финские Булочки (Finnish cookies). Hi, if I don’t have a paddle attachment mixer any other way I can mix it.? Lol, never notices the baking soda flavor in them, or anything just followed the recipe step by step, and not once i messed up!!! yummy! Just before forming meringues, flick water onto parchment with fingertips. Thank you so much for your great review! My kids on the other hand ate the meringue off the cookies and left the cookie part I just made these this morning! You rock. These look deeelish! You can make the mounts as even or rough as you want. Meanwhile, roughly chop 1 cup of hazelnuts. Oh wow! I am so looking forward to making the dish and i will let u know how everything comes out. I sincerely wish you lived next door and I could just “happen” over when you’re spooning things like this out. He saw this recipe and knew he had to have it for his birthday. Will be trying your method next time.

I’ve recently had to go Gluten Free and have made these several times with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1 to 1 baking flour and they have turned out delicious. My friend introduced me to this recipe and it’s One of my favorite cookies out there. Hmmm… that shouldn’t be the case if you doubled the sour cream which activates the baking soda – did you sift the baking soda with the flour?

This is my go to recipe for sure! Thoughts? Thank you, Happy Holidays. I also read that your utensils shoyld be squeaky clean without any grease and dry. , Hello natasha, Are they supposed to taste that way? Read more ». Use Russian baking soda, it doesn’t have the nasty taste like American baking soda, and I feel like it is a superior rising agent over American baking soda. Prepare meringue according to the recipe. Thanks for this awesome blog! If the meringue is properly made it will not seep syrup or become soggy. If it is dry on the inside, turn off oven, leave the oven door ajar by putting a wooden spoon in the crack. Not too difficult; just had several steps…. Thanks a lot for a wonderful recipe. lightly roasted hazelnuts, chopped – if you would like to sprinkle some on top of each meringue as well. Or is that better for it to be a rough cut so the meringue kind of goes all around? only my immersion blender and a whisk which I tried. Lol!!! Planning on making these tonight. I’m glad you enjoyed the cookies . Im realy tempted to try making these! I made these last night … I thought they were pretty amazing. Make sure the egg whites are cold, and your bowl and mixer clean and dry. How long and how to you keep them? Serve in slices with more fresh strawberries. Keep them about 1/2″ to 1″ apart. You can assemble this a several hours before, but I recommend doing the baking and the rhubarb filling the day before and then just whipping the cream and assembling before serving. I hope you get a chance to try it! Hi, it is a total of 200 grams of butter. Could you suggest a substitute in the recipe? Soooo super yummmmm!!!!!! Assemble the cake by layering the cake, then the rhubarb-whipped cream filling and I also already added the strawberries in the mid-layer. Bake at 350˚F for 15 -17 minutes or until cookies and meringue are golden and beginning to brown around the bases. Unfortunately saffron is a basic ingredient in this recipe; its flavor is so unique it has no substitute. Such a wonderful combination. Even though that one yolk was enough, the texture of the dough cookie was perfect. My family thought I bought them at the specialty store Really easy to make and the results are amazing. If you would like to make the meringue into 2 cake layers or disks follow instructions below: Fill the pastry bag with the prepared meringue.

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