can shazam beat goku

9 Can't Beat: Shazam He has the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlus, the power of Zeus, and the Speed of Mercury and the mind of a child. Far from it, actually. Instead of which character's he can beat, we will only use names as to reference what LEVEL a character Goku can beat or Stalemate? Shazam vs Goku. Rune King Thor is overkill, Odin Force Thor would already be too much for anyone that's below Skyfather level. So I was scrolling through TikTok right, and I saw multiple videos from different people talking about anime characters who can defeat Goku, and one of them was Manga Sinbad. May The Best Hero Win! @tjsh96: goku is around speed of sound and at max near speed of light from what I have researched :/, it takes him minimum effort to use it he's spammed it in his battles, Thor is faster in movement speed but not combat speed, Goku can just keep teleporting behind Thor everytime he turns around. 6 Can Beat: Goku’s Willing To Fuse Goku has always been a very versatile fighter who isn’t afraid to humble himself by turning to others for help or receiving support in unconventional ways. @tjsh96: Goku has shown to be able to use it in combat multiple times. However, that's just one of his powers. Dude is known for going up against the Hulk. He has beaten me in an arm wrestle when it was right arm vs right arm, but I beat him when it was left vs left. Superman is equal to Shazam. Please exclude Superman and Thor unless relating to characters around or at their levels. He was able to build his first suit of Iron Man armor with barely anything to work with. Shazam: Well Looks Like We Are Doing Things The Hard Way! From an alternate universe, he fights as a member of the Squadron Supreme, Marvel's version of the Justice League. And hey, have you watched the new God of Highschool anime? And yes, Goku is faster than Thor in terms of combat. Thor is not only the God Of Thunder, but he's also the herald of Galactus. Houseguest, Jingle All the Way, Good Burger?

While Thor doesn't even have super-speed. Now, she can't match Shazam's physical might. You HAVE to outsmart them which Goku couldn't do, even if he knew that was the case before hand, Which he also couldn't. Can you explain to me how powerful he is, like how his powers work. Thought about TN? She doesn't even have to demonstrate her vastly superior speed and erasure ability -- if she wanted to, she can melt the matter surrounding their fight, twisting Goku's face toward his own one-shot KO. Can someone please explain to me how powerful he is, I'm actually very curious because he's a character that I found really badass and I never thought that he could beat Goku. His Super Saiyan God makes him really strong now. Iron Man for Marvel, Maybe Hulk ( Doubtful though). This grants him a degree of invulnerability and vast superstrength. Shazam has dealt with telepaths before, but no one in Jean's league. What would you name Death Battle soundtrack for Shazam vs Goku? Against Shazam, though, all of his tech would avail him none. Too bad this fight won't happen.

Superman can beat Goku. What would you name Death Battle soundtrack for Shazam vs Goku? I like this idea.

No Flame wars please!! @warcry80: Doesn't matter. Stark just doesn't have the power to take on Shazam. 4 years ago. Oh Please even with super saiyan god goku would not beat super man and thor at their strongest ( to be fair).

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Shazam would put up a good fight for a bit, but Thor would be able to overpower him and take him out.

Especially since we'd get to see Ultra instinct Goku in Death Battle for the first time. Thor at his strongest would be Rune King Thor, Supes at his strongest would be thought-robot. This thread is against the rules, it doesn't matter if you try and make it seem like it isn't a battle, it's basically DBZ VS Comics, and is going to cause big trouble.. Jean Grey is one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet Earth. History Comments Share.

Tony Stark is one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel Universe. Empowered by the World Devourer with the Power Cosmic, the Silver Surfer is a daunting foe.

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Shazam can take some shots, but even if he tries to get some separation or use his superspeed or flight, the Hulk is still extremely hard to hurt. Edit- We're talking about the 90's comedian, right? Captain Marvel wins. I did not intend for this to be a battle!!! RELATED: Marvel: The 10 Rarest Fantastic Four Comics (& What They're Worth). RELATED: Avengers: The 5 Most Powerful Members (& The 5 Least Powerful). Hero Of Darkness wrote: However, he's more than met his match with Shazam. During the time Captain Marvel was out of publication, Marvel Comics snapped up the trademark for the name “Captain Marvel.” So any books DC Comics published with their character now became titled “Shazam!”, though he was still called Captain Marvel up until 2012, when his name officially became Shazam. Goku Vs Shazam. Hyperion is basically the Marvel version of Superman. It's absolutely amazing, I just thought you should know since you mentioned God of Highschool , Press J to jump to the feed. His origin story- that of drug addict Robert Reynolds finding a super serum that gave him the power of a million exploding suns- is vastly different, plus his archenemy is just the dark side of his personality. Though I will say probably someone around Superman, Thor level he can defeat or at least stalemate. Super Saiyan God Goku is a stated galaxy buster. Of course Goku wouldn't beat those guys. However, it's her telepathic abilities that would win her this fight. YES! Instant transmission doesn't mean instant punches, kicks and other attacks. 7 years ago.

I'd post more , but this is getting lock. Even if Shazam didn't use any of his other powers, he would still be able to beat the Thing in a straight-up fist fight easily. I dunno where you're getting this idea that he needs to concentrate to use it. While it would take some time for her to get this to happen, she'd be able to defend herself from him and go on the offensive. Yeah this is against the rules , but the mods are asleep , and from what i know , goku blitzes thor. @alivepool: an You maybe esplain?

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