banana muffins from banana cake mix

It is also my first Spark Recipe, so go easy on me. While the eggs are ... blueberry yogurt. )Submitted by: J_RABBIT, Supreme Banana Muffins... sugar free and so healthy you wonder why they taste so good. Credit goes to JOJOMKE for the original Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins. Three ingredients. Instant, individual cake!! !Submitted by: PEROW1, Great for your 4th of July parties!Submitted by: KRHINKY, I used the same ingredients as others, but different categories of cake mix and different serving sizes because we like bigger muffins.Submitted by: FLUFFYDADDY67, This recipe has been floating around the internet and is awesome. I thought it warranted it's own recipe.

)Submitted by: LADY_JOSIELOT, Just two ingredients and ready in 20 minutes!Submitted by: PAULINE89, This is my adaptation of a recipe I found here. Chocolate cake mix. Make with my Cream Cheese Frosting.Submitted by: MAMAAIDAN, WOW!!! Submitted by: RUNNERAURORA, Full ingredient & nutrition information of the, 2 Ingredient Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes Calories, Carrot-Banana-Zucchinni Cake (Healthy!)

Due to the bananas these come out moist and delicious, not dry and compact.This recipe makes about 24 mini muffins or 12 large ones. Banana nut muffin mix; Milk; Cream cheese frosting; Just mix the muffin mixes up according to package directions – I used the pouches of muffin mix … 3-4 bananas, mashed. Top banana muffins using cake mix recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from This recipe makes about 24 mini muffins … Preheat oven to 375°F.

Truly, these are the simplest Banana Chocolate muffins you will find! Definitely try these! Cake mix banana muffins.

Don't be afraid of the whole wheat flour. Guys, this is like muffins to the power of simple. Submitted by: AGGIEW3THRGIRL, Practically fat free, but you'll never noticeSubmitted by: JOYELYSE, These muffins have oat bran and whole wheat flour, which up the fiber content. Yum! We love all the different flavors and texture contrasts in this simple dessert. I don’t know about you but I just can’t throw away bananas …

These muffins are quite versatile and it's ... half pastry or cake flour. The only difference here is that this is 18 servings instead of 12, to make adding this to your food tracker easier if that's the serving amount you choose.Submitted by: JENMPG, Easy to make - satifies that cake fix!Submitted by: SHARONGD, These muffins came out sooo good!

These muffins are fantastic and I recommend you have plans to freeze or share them so you don't eat them all. You won't believe this - scoop the cake mixture into a mug, add water, and microwave for one minute. (Plus, it looks really fancy, but comes together in just 15 minutes with minimal prep work! They also use crushed Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal and apple sauce to keep them moist!Submitted by: CHUICAFINA, Great low-calorie muffins for a light snack!Submitted by: JLEE05. With just a box of chocolate cake mix, 3-4 medium bananas and a couple of eggs you have a delicious chocolate banana muffin…

A light, airy sweet dessertSubmitted by: RENEESBREAUD, Mix cake mix and sodaSubmitted by: ELLICA, Enjoy yummy carrot cake without the guilt.Submitted by: PASTORDDAVID, only 58 calories each but they are incredible!Submitted by: THE1BABII4U, End your outdoor dinner party on a sweet note with this delicate fruit trifle. My family just *won't* eat bananas with spots on them at I came up with this quick recipe one morning and took them to work with me.

These are truly the best banana muffins for kids because they can help you prepare them!It’s great when you can incorporate your children into the baking process. (It usually seems to make a little more, maybe 28 small ones or 13 large, etc.

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