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ACCA is a certification, not a degree from a university When you take ACCA, you will have the opportunity to meet many people through networking events and chatting with fellow students in our virtual learning community. From a practical perspective, an ACCA accreditation can work wonders for a student’s career. Building on the established ACCA programme and using PwC facilities allow us to offer our clients the same high quality service at reduced rates. An ACCA qualification is a passport to working as an accountant in 170 countries worldwide. New students are required to submit the following documentation to register to study for the ACCA Qualification: *All documents must be translated into the English language and verified by a sworn-in-court translator. 3.

So, if you are interested in working abroad, ACCA can be a stepping stone for you. Matriculation Certificate with minimum CGPA of 2.50, including Mathematics and English. This figure is expected to continue to grow. ACCA is faster than college

The main advantage of the CBE system is flexibility – you can sit these examinations at any time of the year. Maybe there are still many who are not familiar with ACCA. We are pleased to offer you a full ACCA qualification programme for the Serbian market.

With ACCA, you will get far more information about accounting.

An Accounting degree is a bachelor's degree and you get academic knowledge from the department you choose. ACCA courses take place four times a year – for March, June, September and December examination cycle. The examination fee for papers AB, MA, FA is GBP 90 + VAT for each, and for LW 115 GBP. The ACCA Qualification will prepare you for a challenging and often demanding career as a professional accountant and for that it is not sufficient to rely solely on theoretical knowledge developed through an exam process. 2. Not only that, but the ACCA certificate itself is also recognised in various countries. ACCA is also recognised by the European Union (European Union/EU) and the United Nations (United Nations). – Complete Flexibility : Professionals and students can pursue an ACCA qualification irrespective of other commitments. As mentioned before, you can take the exam whenever you want. No previous knowledge of accounting or finance is required to start studying for the ACCA Qualification. If in college, you will do assignments, group work, and your class exams and final exams. ACCA members have greater business knowledge than their colleagues, which provides them with more opportunities for advancement. The ACCA title and qualification puts members in a different league and opens up a world of opportunities in a melange of sectors including Accountancy, Banking, and Finance. In all aspects, pursuing an ACCA is either equivalent to or better than pursuing a conventional degree program. In Fact, An ACCA Qualification is even considered to be equivalent to a master’s degree in some countries like UK! Flexibility to choose your own path 4. These three elements consist of 13 tests in English and require relevant work experience. ACCA has been in existence for over 100 years. EOI submitted 23/6/2014. There are many companies that are looking for professionals with ACCA certification.

Many people who have ACCA certification use it to work in a new country. IFRS is recognised and followed by over 180 countries and ACCA members can find gainful employment in all these nations. While ordinary electives are related subjects such as business, marketing, and so on. ACCA Certificates are offered in proper convocation ceremonies conducted across the globe.

Embedded in the ACCA Qualification are the global accounting education standards set by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). Personalize this website for better user experience. The ACCA qualification proves to employers that you have ability in all aspects of business. If you want to get to work quickly, ACCA can be the fastest route for you. This is because ACCA certification holders are known for abilities such as strategic thinking and various technical skills that are valued by large companies. © 2017 - Thu Nov 26 09:20:59 UTC 2020 PwC. After submitting your question, a student counselor will contact you as soon as possible. Irrespective of your educational background or learning environment, the ACCA Qualification provides professional opportunities for everyone. Job opportunities in large companies *For more information about new student registrations, please contact ACCA Connect: In addition, if you are indeed interested in working abroad, ACCA can be the highlight of your application.

Being equipped with an ACCA qualification is an indication that the person is equipped with skills and knowledge in accountancy, finance, and corporate law, which indicates the ability to plan finances, conduct a range of accounting operations and deal with all current and future monetary transactions. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants •Founded in 1904 and headquartered in London, UK •Global Chartered Accountany Degree ... 180 Countries. © 2020 SOE Global ACCA Institute in Chennai.

ATAR of at least 70 and 5 credits (grade C or above) SPM (in five separate subjects including Mathematics & English), Unified Examination Certificate (UEC), 5 subjects with grade B (including English and Maths), 2 passes at GCE A-Level and 3 passes at GCE O Level in five separate subjects including Mathematics & English, 3 LCCI Higher passes/A levels/STPM and 2 LCCI Intermediate Level passes/O level/SPM (in five separate subjects including Mathematics & English), CAT qualification with 5 credits in SPM including English and Mathematics. PwC is an accredited distributor of LSBF ACCA study materials. To be a professional who is confident and trustworthy, you need work experience.

While ACCA by itself isn’t a conventional undergraduate degree (like a bachelor’s degree in a traditional University), most universities and educational providers recognise ACCA as an equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in accountancy.

According to the market needs, courses will be held at the Academy premises. Ordinary ACCA lessons include things like accounting techniques that you might not get in college because they are usually more detailed and are specifically for professionals. Therefore ACCA requires each participant to have work experience. Following are the details for each ACCA exam. Global presence: If you compare international recognition, ACCA is a more recognized course than CMA. It is recognised and respected in 170 countries and currently has over 500,000 members and students all over the world. Because this certificate represents integrity, reliable business capabilities, and knowledge in accounting and finance. It is offered by an internationally recognised body that has many decades of repute to its credit. Students also receive their exam results on screen immediately after completion and they are uploaded to your ACCA account within 72 hours. The core subjects certainly include auditing, finance, taxation, and so on. Recognised internationally As explained above, ACCA has members in 180 countries in the world. These experience requirements allow students to practice their knowledge that has been learned at ACCA directly into the work environment. This not only helps in gaining valuable experience, it also helps serve as a launch pad for the career post obtaining ACCA membership. ACCA isn’t just another course! Through this subject, you will learn a variety of skills that are needed by companies.

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