The Easiest Slippers Ever

By Letizia de Antoniis, Amano blogger


When you start knitting for the very first time, you generally think that the only project you can cast on is a flat pattern, like a scarf. The “Easiest Slippers Ever” pattern is a 3D project but still I consider it very beginner friendly as the only skills you’ll need are to knit a rectangle and be able to sew (at a very beginner level!).

When I first started thinking to knit these slippers I imagined something very light, soft and warm, the result had to be super comfortable to wear with a natural look. So, the only possible choice of yarn I could do was Puyu (in Quechua means cloud!). What I love in Puyu is not just the airy structure made of baby alpaca and silk but also the range natural colors.

For this pattern, I used the simplest stich ever, generally the one you learn and practice in your first attempt at knitting: the stockinette stitch. To knit stockinette stitch (abbreviated St st), you alternate a knit row with a purl row. It has a right and a wrong side (though, of course, either side may be the “right” side, depending on the intended design). The right side is typically the smooth side, called knit. On this side, the stitches look like small Vs. The bumpy side of this stitch fabric is called purl. Actually, this is the side I prefer, that’s why in this pattern I made the wrong side to be the right one.

This is the perfect knitting pattern to make as a Christmas gift, that you can customize changing color, decorations and stitches, with other basic ones such as the garter stitch or mix more different types of stitches.

Furthermore, these slippers can be made in a variety of sizes ranging from children's sizes to adult sizes, in fact, I couldn’t resist knitting the mini version for my little daughter!



Skill level

(very, very) easy



  1. 38 (US 7.5 – UK 5.5)



  • 2 Hanks of AMANO PUYU (50 gr), Cloud 3000, Caramel 3003
  • Straight knitting needles, size 13 (8 mm)
  • Tapestry needle



8 sts = 4” (10.2 cm); 12 rows = 4” (10.2 cm) in St st



The slippers are knit flat and seamed.


SLIPPERS (Adult Size)

Cast on 19 sts, leaving a 30 cm (12”) long tail that we will use to sew the toe.

Knit stockinette stitch (St st) for 26 rows or until piece measures as the length of your foot.



Cut yarn, leaving a 60 cm (24”) long tail. With tapestry needle and tail, thread through remaining sts and pull tight to close securing stitches. Sew 12,5 cm (5”) seam from top of the slipper to around half the length.

Fold cast on edge in half and sew inside seam from beginning of ribbing to form toe.



Now you can really get creative and personalize the slippers as you prefer. You can either make 2 pom-poms or tassels and tie to each front side tightly and knot to inside of slipper. Simply have fun dressing up this pattern with your own style and embellishments (they could be also buttons or bows).


Ps: For the “mini-version” of these slippers (size 20 EU) I casted on 12 sts and knitted 18 rows.



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