Knitting with beads: how to put them in your knitwear

By Letizia De Antoniis @yorokobiness


I love to design my knitwear, but sometime I simply want to follow a pattern and just personalize a little bit the project I’m working on. A beautiful way you can use to get your knitwear become so cool and unique is to add beads! If you’ve always wondered if it’s easy to add beads to your knitting projects, the answer is: YES, IT IS! You can add beads to a knit any time you like! I love them placed on a blanket, or a beanie, or an elegant shawl…


Depending on the yarn I choose, I look for the perfect beads to match with. For this tutorial, I’m using Mamacha in Chia color, one of the hues I love most. It’s such a warm and cozy grey that the only match possible was with wooden, super natural beads. Imagine a blanket or a jumper for a baby with this polka dot effect! That is what Japanese would call “kawaii”!




The Techniques

There are several ways to incorporate beads into your knitting.

You can pre-stringing all the beads you’ll need onto the working yarn and then knitting. I mean you pull a bead up and work it into your knitting.

Or you can place beads using a tiny crochet hook. This is a neat and tidy method which results in beads which sit upright over a single stitch.


This tutorial illustrates this second technique, so easy because you don’t need to first thread the beads onto the yarn, nor to learn difficult skills. The only difficulty will be find the right hook and choose the beads that you like most, that have to fit the hook you use, of course.



To place beads in your knitting project, work until you reach the point where you want the bead (I’ve used a simple stockinette stitch) and then follow these 3 simple steps.


1 Insert the crochet hook into the bead and then, with the bead on the crochet hook, slip the next stitch and pull it through the bead with the help of the crochet hook. The bead should now be inside the stitch.


2 Return the slipped stitch to the left-hand needle.


3 Finally, work the stich with the bead in the usual way.


Repeat these three steps each time you want to place a bead.




Super easy and suitable also for those who are new to knitting, this technique will work well with tiny yarn and lace stitches. I wanted to try it with chunky yarn as well and, trust me, the effect is gorgeous! Using this simple method, there’s nothing stopping you from customizing your wool projects!