Five knit projects you want to make for your home decorating


By Letizia De Antoniis @yorokobiness


It’s not a secret that home décor and knitting go together like salt and pepper! In this blog post I would like to suggest 5 projects you can easily knit for your home or give as a present for your friends. Some of them may require a long period of time and dedication, others can be done in a few hours!


Home décor trends

In the last years knitted home accessories became very popular and cool, so that we can easily find knitted pillows, chunky blankets, baskets in many home décor “fast” stores. Nothing against those stores, but if you can knit it you won’t buy it, you’ll make it yourself at home! So, let me give you some ideas I found on Pinterest, just to get inspired and maybe start your own knitted home décor project to give to your gorgeous dining or bedroom a Nordic taste and make your 'nest' even more cozy and welcoming!



Reading multiple books at once as knitting multiple projects at once

I know you can think that some of these home furnishings are very time consuming but let me tell you something... I have this idea that reading multiple books at once can actually help you finish faster. And I think this idea may apply to almost everything you do in your life (of course if you are a woman and you know the meaning of the word “multitasking”!). When reading multiple books at once, you never have to sacrifice. You can read multiple genres, different authors, and different styles of prose. This way you can also balance reading for work and reading for pleasure. It happens to me that this theory works very well for knitting as well.



Five must-have items for your home

Here you’ll find some ideas you can easily realize with a lot of satisfaction!


  1. Pot holders

Set up your kitchen room decor with these pot holders, they are a great way to bring fresh life and style in to your kitchen time routine.



  1. Knitted baskets

You can add some style to your home with one of these beautiful knitted baskets. They can be a smart solution to your storage problems and a unique piece to liven up any space. It is perfect and functional for your favorite furry loved one.



  1. Knitted bean bag

Both fun & functional this knitted bean bag is the perfect addition to your lounge or bedroom. You can make a mini version for your kids room too! They will love it!



  1. Knitted pillow

These knitted throw pillows are an essential piece for every home, ideal for dressing up a plain sofa or bed. Their simplicity makes it an easy and quick project even for beginners.



  1. Knit Blanket

The trend in knit blankets is “going giant and chunky” but actually you can choose any wool or cotton yarn you prefer for your hand-knitted project. Amano Mamacha would be my choice!


And you? Have you already tried one of these projects?