10 adorable projects with leftover yarn

 By Letizia De Antoniis @yorokobiness, Amano blogger.


Have you hand-knitted your Christmas presents and do you have leftover yarn balls? As a knitter, I know the answer is yes! Do you need any ideas to recycle even the smallest pieces of your unused yarns? This blog post is all about super easy and fast tips on how to use them. You will find some great home décor ideas, some amazing refashion tips and also some handmade accessories that could be great suggestion for a last-minute gift!





  1. Use yarn scraps to wrap your gifts

The simplest way (but very effective!) is to use leftover yarns for wrapping a gift. I suggest you to use your imagination and a basic wrapping-paper, maybe white or kraft!




      2.  Make pom-pom

Pom-poms are the “key success factor” in the field of recycling leftover yarn! You can use them simply for topping gifts or incorporating into various craft projects, for example, a hat, a pair of gloves or a paper bookmark.






      3. Make a tassel wall hanging

As for pom-pom, tassels too can be used in a variety of items. I suggest you to use them for a fantastic home decor project: a tassels wall hanging.




      4. Make mini-tassels

This can be very useful if you have really small amount of leftover yarn. You can just use a fork, a pair of scissors and in 10 minutes you’ll have hundreds of mini-tassels. Use them for renovating a pair of earrings or a bracelet!




     5. Knit a Bunting Garland

Knitting bunting garlands can be a very funny project that doesn’t request a huge attention, you can watch your favorite series on Netflix with one eye and continue knitting with the other! 



     6. Knit a Seed-Stitch Bracelet

The seed-stitch is very easy and will help you to keep your small knitting project flat. You can cast on 7 or 9 stitches and make as many rows as the circumference of your arm. 




     7. Knit a necklace

If you like i-cord, you’ll love this necklace idea!




     8. Knit a crazy-colored cowl

You can put together randomly all your leftover and start knitting an easy cowl or a scarf.




     9. Refashion an old oversized sweater with gipsy fringes

First of all cut a lot of yarn pieces (measuring the double of your final fringe), fold each piece in half and slip the noose in the eye of the needle. Then insert the needle where you want to add fringes (it can be in the shoulder cut or in the cowl cut). Then pull out the needle and insert the two ends in the loop, creating the first fringe. Repeat and do as many fringes as the design you have in mind.




    10. Make a small embroidery project

A simple chain-stitched letter turns a store-bought sweater into a great personal piece of clothing! You can mark your design using chalk and embroider by chain stitch to make a monogram or whatever you want to embroider.




Let me know if you’ll try one of these projects!