My top 5 favorite places for knitting and crochet

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By Letizia De Antoniis @yorokobiness


It’s hard to choose a favorite place for knitting or crochet. Not only because it really depends on many factors, but also because it’s something very personal. What we all agree is that besides being a cool skill and a method of creative expression, knitting and crocheting have mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

As knitters, we know how nice it is to relax after a long day with our current project and just be still for a little bit. It’s really soothing!


I follow on Instagram many knitters whose feeds and stories are full of places they like to relax and make. I absolutely love seeing all these places, because, somehow, I get inspired or feel relaxed as well. ¡In my case, I have to confess that I knit anywhere as long as I have a pair of knitting needles, my project bag and some great yarn! 

But if I have to describe some ideal situations for knitting, I do have my top 5 favorite places. In fact, it’s not just the place, it’s also the ideal location and situation.

You are about to read my own top 5 list of bliss places ad moments, and I suggest you to think about your personal ideal list and try to make it happens sometime! It would be a nice treat for you, something that, I’m sure, you deserve.

I named each point of my list as following:

1. Spring Expectations

Alone at home, with a cup of coffee and some great music. It would be afternoon in spring, a sunny day with all that afternoon light invading my living room.  

2. Wish You Were Beer

Another ideal situation is at sunset time on my balcony in front of the sea, on Friday with beer and chips. This is a great moment indeed, because I put together several situations that means happiness: the sea, Friday, beer and chips!

3. The WWN Factor (Winter, Wine, Netflix!)

What about a winter night, with a glass of wine, Netflix and a comfortable sofa and blanket?

4. New is Wow

When I have a new knitting project to start. Imagine a new hank of yarn, a new pattern, and a lot of expectation! Actually, in this particular situation any place at any time is suitable for me because the enthusiasm is so huge.

5. Peace is…

My little ones both sleeping, and…, well, that’s enough to be considered an “ideal” situation!

What about your favorite places for knitting and crochet? Do you have any?


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