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Eco Puna Black

Eco Puna in Quechua (the native language of the Incas) means natural mountains of the Andes. Alpaca has the widest range of natural colors in the world, including pure black. Eco Puna black represents Amano’s strong desire to preserve this unique beautiful black color.

Amano supports the Andean communities in the breeding of alpacas with pure black fibre in an effort to re-establish this population, called the Yanapaco (black alpaca) program, part of the Pacomarca Sustainable Alpaca network.

Merino Wool

Introducing our very own secret special wool: Yana. Peruvian wool is one of the best-kept secrets of the Andes, and Our Wool is extra special - its softness and strength is incomparable. Get ready to fall in love with our bold Yana, the softest Peruvian wool out there.

Yana in Quechua (native language of the Incas) means “black”, because we believe that our black sheep definitely stands out from the herd. Yana is 100% hand-sorted in 21.5 micron mountain wool, and it’s pure joy in a single yarn.

Offering a bold visual accompaniment to Peruvian textiles that have been woven into wool in Peru’s highlands for centuries.

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